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A set of three trendy plants for a little tropics in the house. In this plant mix you’ll find the Epipremnum Pinnatum, Monstera Obliqua and Murdannia Loriformus.

30Ø 12 cm

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With this set of three plants in trendy ceramic you bring a tropical urban jungle into your home. The set consists a Monstera Obliqua, an Epipremnum Pinnatum and a Murdannia Loriformus (Bright Star).

How do you take care of this plant mix?

Place the Monstera in a light spot, but avoid direct sunlight. You can also place the plant in the half shade.

As soon as the Monstera gets yellow leaves, you have to move the plant to a place with less sunlight.

Water once a week to keep the soil moist. With very warm periods you can easily give more water. Twice a week is more than enough in summer. If you would like to pamper the plant completely, you should regularly use a plant sprayer.

You can read more about the Monstera in our care manual.

The Epipremnum pinnatum, also called Scindapsus Epipremnum. This plant likes a lot of light, but prefers no direct sunlight.

Keeps the soil always slightly moist. This means water once a week in winter, and twice a week in summer. Furthermore, the plant is not so difficult!

You can read more about the Scindapsus in our care manual.

With this Murdannia Loriformus you get a newcomer to the market. The plant is also known as Bright Star.

This beautiful plant is native to China and tropical Asia, where they are very popular. The Murdannia is known in Asia for its supposed medicinal effects. Whether the plants really have a medicinal effect, we dare not say. They are very special!

Water the plant once a week and place it in a light spot without direct sunlight. Then you don’t have to worry about it.

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Makkelijk, Makkelijk

Height in cm


Pot size

Ø 12 cm

Best location

Half-shade, Indirect sunlight


white, blue, green, orange




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