Popular plant mix
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Popular plant mix

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A unique, strong and trendy indoor plant mix with the Begonia Maculata, Pilea Peperomioides and Peperomia Argyreia.

20Ø 12 cm

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This mix consists of a Begonia Maculata (dotted plant), a Pilea Peperomioides (pancake plant) and a Peperomia Argyreia (Watermelon).

How do you take care of this Popular plant mix?

The Begonia maculata, also called Dot or Polka Dot, is an attractive plant. This beautiful leafy plant has, as the name suggests, all dots on the leaves. The underside of this plant is red/purple, which together with the green top forms a great contrast.

The Begonia likes to stand in a light spot, but not in full sun. Water the Begonia once a week all year round.

You can read more about the Begonia in our care guide.

Large flat round leaves, from which this Pilea Peperomioides derives its nickname from Pancake plant. Furthermore, the leathery leaves shine a little. The longer the stems the more they twist.

The Pilea likes to stand in the light, but not dhttps://www.studioplant.nl/en/care/peperomia/irectly in the sun. Once a week water is enough. Keeps the soil moist, not wet.

You can read more about the Pilea in our care manual.

The Peperomia Argyreia deserves its attention because of its striking oval leaves with a silver-green color pattern. The perfect leaves look just like mini watermelons, especially with the red stems. It is therefore no wonder that this plant is also called Watermelon plant. The Peperomia has a rather modest and compact size.

Pepperomia is not the most difficult plant. It likes to be watered once a week and that’s it.

You can read more about the Pepperomia in our care manual.

Fresh from the grower

In contrast to buying a plant in a garden centre, the plant arrives fresh from the grower.

In addition to single plants, we also sell plants with pot combinations. We have spent a lot of time selecting pots that have optimal drainage, look great and match our plants.

All you have to do is unpack the plant and find the perfect spot in your home.


Fresh from the grower to your home. 

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“Ordering my houseplant went very smoothly. The delivery was top-notch and fast, highly recommended!”

Frank, Venhuizen, NL

“Clear website, order and payment process. Fast delivery and well packaged. Not cheap but no shipping costs and good quality!”

Patricia, Oud-Beijerland, NL

“I had ordered a Tropical plant package. Plants were well packaged and look super nice. Really super satisfied!”

Mila, Venlo, NL

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