My Green Bowl with lamp (medium)


Combining plants with lighting? That’s possible! How about this ecosystem with lamp?

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The mini houseplants in an ecosystem are self-sufficient. Extra handy for the not so handy plant lover. You give a little water once, put the ecosystem in a light spot and further it regulates itself. Simple, isn’t it?

This Green Ecosystem comes from the tube of Het Planten Atelier. Two friends who like to make products by hand. From test tubes in wood to these unique ecosystems. Unfortunately it is not possible to ship an ecosystem including plants, so they came up with a DIY package. With this package you receive all the necessities for your ecosystem, but you put them together yourself. Maybe even more fun!

In addition to the DIY pack for your ecosystem, you will also receive a lamp. You can easily turn these into the ecosystem for that little extra atmosphere.

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Dimensions4 × 4 × 8.5 cm


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My Green Bowl with lamp (medium)
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