Moss pole for houseplants (120 cm)


To give all those climbing houseplants of yours some support: the moss pole!

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A commonly used accessory in the Monstera, Klimop, Schefflera or Philodendron, for example, is the moss stick. The moss pole provides support and allows the houseplant to grow in one direction. More control for you!

In nature many plants grow up against trees, branches or rocks. They miss this support as soon as they come to your house.

Did you know that you can even be late with a moss pole? As soon as your houseplant wants to grow in height, but has no handhold of its own, leaf stalks can break in half. Of course you want to prevent that from happening!

This moss pole is 120 cm large. Perfect for the somewhat larger houseplant, or if you want to protect a small one extra well.


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