Monstera and Sansevieria plant mix
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Monstera and Sansevieria plant mix


A surprisingly easy set of plants. In this package you’ll find the Monstera Obliqua, Sansevieria Mikado and Kirkii.

28Ø 12 cm

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This trio consists of two Sansevieria and a Monstera Obliqua ‘Monkey Leaf’. The three plants are easy to take carea of and the Monstera is a real eye-catcher. With its holes in the leaves and incredibly easy care a real must-have!

How do you take care of this plant mix?

The Sansevieria is also called Women’s Tongue. Originally the Sansevieria comes from Africa, Madagascar and South Asia. The plant is known for its low maintenance. If you find Sansevieria a bit awkward, you can also just call it Female Tongue. A nickname that might be easier to remember.

The ideal thing about the Sansevieria is that it purifies the air for you. It converts both the harmful substances and CO2 into oxygen.

Even though the Sansevieria purifies the air for you, you hardly have to do anything for it. The Sansevieria only needs a little water once every two weeks. In the winter you can even water after six weeks. The Sansevieria doesn’t make it difficult to reach the site. From direct sunlight to the semi-shade. It doesn’t matter much to him.

More about the care of the Sansevieria can be found in our care manual.

The nickname of the Monstera is also called the hole plant. We don’t need to explain that!

Put the plant in a light spot, but avoid direct sunlight. You can also place the Monstera in the half shade.

As soon as the Monstera gets yellow leaves, you have to move the plant to a place with less sunlight.

Water once a week to keep the soil moist. With very warm periods you can easily give more water. Twice a week is more than enough in summer. If you would like to pamper the plant completely, you should regularly use a plant sprayer.

More about the care of the Monstera can be found in our care manual.

Fresh from the grower

In contrast to buying a plant in a garden centre, the plant arrives fresh from the grower.

In addition to single plants, we also sell plants with pot combinations. We have spent a lot of time selecting pots that have optimal drainage, look great and fit our plants.

This Aglaonema comes with Brussels soap pot included. All you have to do is unpack the plant and find the perfect spot in your home.

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Fresh from the grower to your home. 

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“Ordering my houseplant went very smoothly. The delivery was top-notch and fast, highly recommended!”

Frank, Venhuizen, NL

“Clear website, order and payment process. Fast delivery and well packaged. Not cheap but no shipping costs and good quality!”

Patricia, Oud-Beijerland, NL

“I had ordered a Tropical plant package. Plants were well packaged and look super nice. Really super satisfied!”

Mila, Venlo, NL

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Ø 12 cm

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Half-shade, Indirect sunlight


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