Maori Corokia
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Maori Corokia


A set of Maori Corokia plants in nice decorative bags.

30Ø 11 cm

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The Maori® Silver Leaf is a sturdy plant that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You may also know the plant by the name of Corokia.

Maoris have unique leaves, which colour quickly after sprouting. The leaf of the Silver Leaf is, as its name suggests, silver-grey. The branches are light grey in colour and covered with soft hairs.

Even outside, the plant retains its beautiful, silver colour. The capricious growth, combined with the taller, narrow form, gives the plant a tough appearance.

Please note! The Maori is not winter hardy. As soon as it gets colder than 15 degrees, it is better to move the plant inside.

Best location

Indirect sunlight

Plant nutrition

He does not need it


1x a week

Toxic for pets?

No, luckily not

Air purifying



Every 3 years

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Animal friendly

Height in cm


Pot size

Ø 11 cm


Makkelijk, Makkelijk

Best location

Indirect sunlight


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