Isolatocereus dumortirii
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Isolatocereus dumortirii


An eye-catcher without having to do much yourself. This cactus doesn’t like water at all.

45Ø 24 cm

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The Cactus is an egg for almost every plant lover. Unless you and the watering can are inseparable. Then you’re anything but a good match for our Cacti. A Cactus doesn’t need regular care, and certainly not weekly water. This certainly applies to the Isolatocereus dumortirii.

It is best to water the Isolatocereus dumortirii once every 2 weeks in the summer. In winter you can slow down the watering to once every 1 or 2 months. Place the plant on a light spot. Although the Isolatocereus dumortirii also does well with half shade. See? This Cactus is not that demanding!

Upon delivery you will receive not only the Cactus, but also a breathable plastic inner pot. Repotting the Cactus Euphorbia is only needed once every 3 years. The plant does not prefer the material of your flowerpot. Handy!

Best location?



Doesn’t need it


In summer: every 2 to 3 weeks

In winter: every 2 months

Toxic for pets?

Yes, unfortunately




Once every 3 years

More about the Cactus? Read our care guides.

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Height in cm


Pot size

Ø 24 cm

Best location

Indirect sunlight

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