Hanging plant mix
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Hanging plant mix


Hanging plants are ideal. Great for on the wall or a hanging shelf!

20Ø 12 cm

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Do you have any space on top of a closet? Then take this set of 3 hanging plants. The Muehlenbeckia maori, Pilea depressa Sao Paulo and Chlorophytum are ready to move into their new home.

How do you take care of this Hanging plant mix?

The Muehlenbeckia originates from the colder mountainous area of New Zealand. The Muehlenbeckia can therefore easily withstand cold temperatures. As long as it doesn’t get -5 °C.

The Muehlenbeckia is a real creeper, but can also climb very well.

Taking care of the Muehlenbeckia is not difficult. Place the plant in a light spot with enough indirect sunlight. In addition, give the plant a sip of water once a week.

You can read more about the Muehlenbeckia in our care guide.

This is the Pilea Depressa Sao Paulo. A stubborn and fast growing plant. The dark green small leaves grow compactly over the pot. The plant is therefore called a real crawler plant. Ideal for use in planters.

Did you know that the Pilea Depressa is also used in terrariums with frogs? The plant grows quickly and is resistant to the wild behaviour of frogs.

Taking care of the Pilea Depressa does not require much effort. Once a week one small sip of water and a spot with indirect sunlight. Nothing more! Easy, isn’t it?

Read more about the Pilea in our care guide.

This is the Chlorophytum. A plant that shows all too well how he’s doing. Does the leaf turn brown? Then the air is too dry. So be sure to use the plant syringe regularly. But also when the plant gets too little water it will let you know. When there is too little water, the leaf of the Chlorophytum becomes a bit pale. The nice thing about the Chlorophytum is, that you can also use the plant as a hanging plant.

Caring for the Chlorophytum costs mainly water. In the summer, the plant expects a sip of water 2 to 3 times a week. In winter, once a week is enough. As far as the location is concerned, Chlorophytum prefers a spot with indirect sunlight.

Fresh from the grower

In contrast to buying a plant in a garden centre, the plant arrives fresh from the grower.

In addition to single plants, we also sell plants with pot combinations. We have spent a lot of time selecting pots that have optimal drainage, look great and fit our plants.

This Aglaonema comes with Brussels soap pot included. All you have to do is unpack the plant and find the perfect spot in your home.

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Fresh from the grower to your home. 

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“Ordering my houseplant went very smoothly. The delivery was top-notch and fast, highly recommended!”

Frank, Venhuizen, NL

“Clear website, order and payment process. Fast delivery and well packaged. Not cheap but no shipping costs and good quality!”

Patricia, Oud-Beijerland, NL

“I had ordered a Tropical plant package. Plants were well packaged and look super nice. Really super satisfied!”

Mila, Venlo, NL

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Ø 12 cm

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Half-shade, Indirect sunlight


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