Glowing plant mix


A nice combination of four different plants with remarkable leaves. Three of the four plants shine with pride, while the Syngonium stands out with its leaf drawings.

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How do you take care of this glowing plant mix?

The Ficus is an easy houseplant. If this Ficus grows a bit wild around it, you can just prune the plant. Put the scissors in it!

Ficus also likes to get a sip of water once a week. We like to emphasize ‘sip’. Too much water will cause root rot!

The location of Ficus is everywhere where enough indirect sunlight can be found.

More about the care of Ficus can be found in our care manual.

Coffee plants originate from South Africa and the tropical regions of Asia. Although nowadays the coffee plant grows all over the world. As long as the area is warm enough!

Ideally, the coffee plant should be placed in a spot with indirect sunlight. Although you can also place the Coffea Arabica in direct sunlight. Attention! Do not do this immediately after purchase. First let the plant get used to the indirect sunlight and move the Coffea Arabica closer and closer to the window.

More about the care of the Coffea Arabica can be found in our care manual.

With its metallic colored leaves, silver veins and pink petioles, this Alocasia steals everyone’s attention.

Despite her luxurious appearance, she is not even such a princess. On the contrary, she is easy to take care of! Not in direct sunlight and once a week a sip of water. That’s it!

Oh yeah, if you stop by with the plant syringe every once in a while, she’s totally happy. As long as you always keep her soil slightly moist.

You can read more about the Alocasia in our care guide.

Water the Syngonium once a week. It is useful to regularly check the humidity of the potting soil. This way you can be sure that the plant is not slowly drowning, or suffering from root rot.

As far as the location is concerned, the Syngonium likes to be in the light. Although direct sunlight is not a good idea. Just indirect sunlight, that’s what makes the Syngonium the most happy.

You can read more about the Syngonium in our care manual.

Fresh from the grower

In contrast to buying a plant in a garden centre, the plant arrives fresh from the grower.

In addition to single plants, we also sell plants with pot combinations. We have spent a lot of time selecting pots that have optimal drainage, look great and fit our plants.

This Aglaonema comes with Brussels soap pot included. All you have to do is unpack the plant and find the perfect spot in your home.

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Fresh from the grower to your home. 

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“Ordering my houseplant went very smoothly. The delivery was top-notch and fast, highly recommended!”

Frank, Venhuizen, NL

“Clear website, order and payment process. Fast delivery and well packaged. Not cheap but no shipping costs and good quality!”

Patricia, Oud-Beijerland, NL

“I had ordered a Tropical plant package. Plants were well packaged and look super nice. Really super satisfied!”

Mila, Venlo, NL

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