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Flowerpots from ELHO

Of course a plant can’t do without a pot. There where it starts. ELHO takes flowerpots since 1964 very seriously. Based on the latest color and shape trends they design and produce the most beautiful flowerpots.

The fine thing about the flowerpots from ELHO is that they are made from recycled materials. 80% of the materials they use at ELHO are recycled. And we are happy with that. Bringing nature a little closer to sustainability.

® ELHO b.for soft ornamental pot

At Studioplant about half of the ELHO pots are the ELHO b.for soft round ornamental pot. As its name suggests a soft round flowerpot.

Soft is mainly refered to the design and appearance of the pot. They are not really cuddly! But they are very stylish. Suitable for almost any interior!

® ELHO Brussels Round

The ELHO Brussels round pots are the most common. The design is timeless and the flowerpots are available in all kinds of sizes, colors and styles. From a high gloss white pot to matt vintage blue and mint.