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Which easy office plant should I buy?

An office plant preferably has an air-purifying function, is easy to care for and also looks nice. But which plant is that? Well, we’ll give you a hand. How about the Sanseveria? We think it’s a real hit for the office! Simple and a boulder in purifying the air. And not too big, so you can order several Sansevieria’s online right away.

What kind of plants are suitable for the office?

Air purifying indoor plants! These can increase productivity in the office. So there is only one thing to do. Buy houseplants! We especially recommend opting for air-purifying houseplants with large leaves. The larger the leaf, the better the air-purifying function. Something you can make good use of in a large and open-plan office as well as in a small office.

No room for large houseplants? Then put a nice medium to small plant on your desk. No matter how large or small the plant is. Green does wonders!

What are the advantages of plants in the office?

Do you ever suffer from dry eyes, headaches or dry skin at work? In winter, this is a common problem! The origin of this problem probably lies in the concentration of humidity or substances such as Formaldehyde floating around in the office. This can easily be solved with air-purifying plants.

Air-purifying plants release water vapour and convert CO2 into oxygen. This improves the humidity in a room, and they also filter harmful substances such as Formaldehyde. A substance that can irritate the eyes, nose and throat and at the same time cause headaches and skin irritation. By placing air-purifying plants in the office, these complaints will quickly diminish. Ideal!

Do plants in the office reduce absenteeism due to illness?

Plants reduce stress just by looking at them. By placing plants in the immediate vicinity of employees, the overall stress level will be lower. An employee will not only experience less stress. No, he will also be demonstrably happier.

His productivity will probably increase as well. As if that weren’t enough, plants in the office will also reduce absenteeism due to illness. And oh if you also choose a nice flowerpot, it will also look nice. These are enough reasons to add (more) plants to your office, aren’t they?

Which plants are favourite for the office?

If you work, you don’t feel like taking care of plants as well. Usually you already have enough on your mind! It is therefore best to choose plants for the office that are both easy and air-purifying. If you think of easy plants, the cactus will probably come straight into your head. Although there are more plants ideal for the office! How about the Monstera? Beautiful, easy to take care of and a good air purifier.