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Easy to maintain houseplants you can forget

When you think of an easy plant that doesn’t need water, you soon think of a cactus. The cactus is perhaps the easiest plant there is. It doesn’t mind little or no sunlight, and is not a thirsty drinker. A cactus even gets along fine with dried-out soil. Watering only once a month is fine for most cacti. Even if you forget it for a month, in most cases this is not a problem. As long as you don’t drown a cactus in water it’s not the most difficult!

Go for the Aloe Vera

Another easy green friend: the Aloe Vera. This plant collects water in its leaves. This allows the Aloe Vera to go without water for a long time. Once a month is enough! Put it in a sunny spot and it doesn’t complain about anything. In addition, the Aloe Vera can enjoy a summer trip to the terrace. A real bon vivant!

No water for a month

Such an easy guy, too, the Dragon Tree. Although his official name is difficult to pronounce, he is not the most difficult. The Dracaena is a popular and easy to maintain houseplant. It likes to stand on a light spot, but also tolerates shade well. It is also not demanding when it comes to water. In winter it needs some water once every 3 to 4 weeks, and in summer between 1 to 2 weeks. The amount depends on the temperature in the room, size and the amount of light it gets. Never give the Dracaena too much water! Too much water will cause the roots to rot.

Choose small plants

How about the pancake plant? This popular houseplant is also easy to take care of. In addition, the Pilea even has a light air-purifying effect. If you prevent its soil from drying out, it can even produce white flowers in summer! It prefers a moist soil and a sunny spot at all times. Give it a small amount of water once a week, and it will be satisfied!