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Where do air plants come from?

Originally, air plants grow in the rainforest and desert in the South of the United States, Mexico and Central and South America. The name Tillandsia means ‘over land’. And that is exactly what a Tillandsia finds important! In nature it grows on rocks and trees, but as a houseplant you can just put it on the closet.

How do you take care of air plants?

An air plant only needs some indirect sunlight and humidity. You can achieve this by visiting once every two weeks with the plant sprayer. That’s it!

Since the plants have no roots, a flowerpot with soil is also not necessary. A houseplant for plant lovers without green fingers. You can find our air plants below.

Root rot in air plants

It is important that air plants do not stay wet for too long. They will rot like a houseplant. There is also a difference between grey and green air plants. A grey sky plant is a desert species and needs less water than the green rainforest species.

Real sun lovers

An air plant needs light to survive, but prefers not direct sunlight. Direct sunlight is often too bright for them to burn. Especially if you have just sprayed the air plant, you should not put it in the sun. It will burn its leaves.

Do you have a gray desert species? These can withstand direct sunlight a little better than the green species. The lighter the more sunbathing they are.

Extra pampering

Put your air plant in the sun? Then spray them with (lukewarm) rainwater instead of tap water. They’ll thank you!

Do you want to spoil them daily? Then place them in a place where there is a lot of fresh air. Your air plants will love you forever.

Tours, on the other hand, are not such a favourite. Although draught is better than above a heater. Air plants don’t like that dehydration!