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Ordering houseplants online

Are you looking for a indoor plant? At Studioplant you can buy easily and safely indoor plants online. Free home delivery in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Do you need help buying a houseplant? Please contact us at: This way, everyone can order a houseplant online that meets all your wishes.

Which houseplant suits me?

Choosing a suitable houseplant depends on the room in which you place it. This space has several aspects that are important. The (direct) sunlight entering the room, the humidity and the placement of a heater. It is also important for many houseplants not to be in draught. Placing a plant right next to a door or open window is therefore not a good idea.

Besides the space, it is important to look at your own love for plants. Do you have green fingers? Or do you just like to look at them? Let us know and send us a message. We will be happy to think along with you about the most suitable houseplant.

Types of houseplants

If you have a beautiful flowerpot in the house, a houseplant can not fail. We have plants for every room: the bathroom, bedroom and even the office. From small cacti, large plants to houseplants with an air-purifying function. We have got it for you! So you can easily buy houseplants online at home.

Air purifying plants

Did you know that in addition to purifying the air, air-purifying plants are also good for your health? Or that the pineapple plant combats snoring? Plants are not only fun to look at, they actually have an important function. Houseplants want nothing more than to keep you healthy. They filter the air, help you concentrate and plants like the Aloe Vera even have a healing effect.

Bathroom plants

Do you ever think about adding plants to your bathroom? If not, a world will probably open up for you. After all, air-purifying bathroom plants don’t just purify the air in your home. No, they also provide the optimal humidity in a room. Perfect for a humid bathroom! The air-purifying plant extracts water vapour from the air, so that your bathroom has a healthy humidity level again.

Office plants

An air-purifying plant for the living room, bedroom and bathroom. But of course office plants should not be left behind! Do you want better concentration, more efficient work and less headaches and dry eyes?

Then a plant is what you need at the office. A houseplant with an air-purifying function ensures that harmful substances are removed from the air. Say goodbye to those persistent headaches! The best? It doesn’t have to be expensive at all.

Bedroom plants

Whether you are already a bad sleeper by nature, or have been seeing every hour of the alarm clock again for ages: we have the solution! Take another good look at that bedroom of yours. It may well be that there is hardly any plant in the room. And that’s where you’re going to fog in!

Bedroom plants can be a great addition. Move one that houseplant to the bedroom. Preferably choose a plant with an air-purifying function. This ensures that there is extra oxygen in the bedroom. Oxygen that you can only use too well at night. That’s worth moving your plants, isn’t it?

Plants are the ideal addition to your interior. Not only fun to look at, but a plant is also super functional and relaxing! Of course we have our favorite houseplants. But which houseplant is suitable for you or at the office?

What are the costs of a houseplant?

The costs for a houseplant are usually between €10,- and €50,- euro. This of course strongly depends on several factors. The size of the houseplant and perhaps even more important, the rarity of the houseplant. Not all houseplants grow in the Netherlands, which soon makes a plant more expensive. Of course, there are also houseplants in XXL varieties that can be quite expensive.

Large houseplants vs. small houseplants

Besides the fact that there are houseplants for specific rooms, there are also different types of houseplants to be found. How about a hanging plant, succulents or a palm? There are even flowering houseplants such as the Bromelia! There are also houseplants with different sizes. This way, the pancake plant remains small forever, but the Strelitzia and Dracaena rise to great heights.

We separate types of houseplants by looking at flowering and non-flowering houseplants. In addition, we make a distinction between cacti and succulents. You can find large numbers of variants of each type of plant. Something for everyone!

Want to buy houseplants online?

You know it: after a long day’s work you come home, browse the internet and you come across that one houseplant. Love at first sight. And now what? You don’t have a car (bus) and would prefer to get the plant into your house as soon as possible. Then you just have the houseplant delivered, I hear you think. Well, it’s not that easy!

Ordering houseplants online has more feet in the ground than you would think at first glance. Tropical temperatures? Then we’d rather deliver that houseplant a week later.

Ordering or buying houseplants online can be very stressful for the plant. From its perfect habitat, it is snatched away, hoisted into plastic and also put into a box. A box without daylight. Perhaps a plant’s biggest nightmare! And that while it’s over 35 degrees outside? Well, nicely not. That doesn’t do your new plant any good.

Though a deadly normal delivery with perfect spring weather can be killing for a plant. Even if the whole process only takes two days, your plant can be pretty upset. You can tell by the yellow and/or hanging leaves that your plant has as soon as it is delivered. The best thing to do then is to take it out of its inner pot, give it new soil and a good splash of water. Do not over care for your new plant! Take your time so that both of you can get used to the new space.

Can I contact you to find a suitable indoor plant?

Of course you can! We will be happy to help you buy the most suitable plant for your living room. Leave your search question with us with your wishes. We will look for houseplants that suit you and your living situation. Due to the large supply of houseplants you will soon be unable to see the forest through the trees. We are familiar with this forest and will gladly search for you. This makes ordering houseplants online very easy!