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Which plants are suitable for the bedroom?

We can’t say it often enough. But we’ll do it one more time. Buy air-purifying plants! Not only do they purify the air and break down unpleasant odours, they also add more oxygen to your room. Something you can use while you sleep!

How does an air-purifying plant work?

During the day, air purifying plants open their stomata to convert CO2 into oxygen. So that you can sleep in clean air in the evening. However, there are exceptions such as the pineapple plant.

The Pineapple plant has a different processing than most air-purifying plants. Its air-purifying process starts at night. Extra fresh oxygen! There are even stories that this pineapple plant prevents snoring. If you suffer from your own snoring or that of your partner, we think the Pineapple Plant is definitely worth a try.

Can bedroom plants reduce stress?

Have you had a busy day at work? A day where you haven’t sat still and where your thoughts are going full steam ahead. Take a good look at those plants in your bedroom before you go to sleep. Slowly absorb them one by one and then close your eyes. Bet you’ll sleep less stressful?

Green houseplants have the beautiful ability to reduce stress. Just by looking at such a houseplant! A cheap and easy way of therapy. Another thing you can try out tonight. Will you let us know if it worked?

Do you dare to experiment with sleep?

Maybe you’ve never thought about it, but houseplants in the bedroom do have advantages. How about air-purifying plants in the bedroom for cleaner air and extra oxygen? But those aren’t the only advantages! A houseplant has, also in the bedroom, a valuable addition.

Are you a bad sleeper? Or haven’t you been sleeping as well as usual lately? Then move a houseplant to the bedroom. This does not have to be a large houseplant, because even a small pineapple plant can be a good addition. And if it can improve your sleep, moving plants is worth it, right?

Which air-purifying plants are favorites?

Everyone has their favorites, and so do we! Our choice for the bedroom is the Pineapple plant. Why do we find this houseplant the most suitable? It doesn’t allow snoring. That’s all we have to say, right? We find a perfect houseplant for the bedroom.

In addition, the pineapple plant is small. Suitable for every kind of bedroom! Whether you sleep in a room of 6 square meters in Amsterdam or somewhere in Zeeland where you have all the space you need. There is always a place for the pineapple plant.

How many plants do you need in the bedroom?

The amount of indoor plants in the bedroom depends on several factors. Do you sleep in a large bedroom? Or is this a studio? The number of people sleeping in the same room is important.

With one person you obviously need fewer plants in the bedroom than with four people. The fact is that the four of us breathe in more oxygen than alone. To make a good estimate, please contact us. We are happy to help you make the right choice!