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Why add plants in the bathroom?

A bathroom plant is perhaps the easiest to take care of. You don’t have to work with the plant sprayer, all that steam from the shower does. Especially ferns love this! Our favourite bathroom plant can’t be anything else but a Fern. On the basis of most requests and our own wish list, the Vogelnestvaren will be at the top of the list.

Which plants are suitable for the bathroom?

Especially tropical plants love the bathroom. The shade, high humidity and warmer temperatures. Just as if they are back in the rainforest! To make it easy for you, we have put together a range of houseplants that are specifically suitable for the bathroom. This makes buying bathroom plants even easier!

How much care do bathroom plants need?

In principle, bathroom plants are no different from ordinary houseplants. The difference lies in the space. Where a bathroom is often damp, a living room has a much lower humidity. The same applies to the warmth. A bathroom is often warmer because of the steam coming from your shower or bath. Since most people do not stand under a completely cold shower, the room also gets warmer.

Because of the higher humidity in a bathroom, you won’t have to use the plant sprayer. In contrast to your living room, where the humidity is often lower. Especially in a period where you have a lot of heating on.

Which bathroom plants are favourite?

Adding a houseplant to your bathroom is no longer uncommon. A single plant brightens up that dull white space at once. And well, we love plants! What’s even more useful is that plants that are especially suitable for the bathroom provide the perfect humidity.

Do you already have plants in your bathroom? Then you will probably recognise the feeling of relaxation, and the oasis of tranquillity that awaits you. Plants in the bathroom not only radiate luxury, but also give a cozy atmosphere. This way you can create your own spa!

That is why we have put together a list of bathroom plants especially for you. Because not every plant enjoys little sunlight and high humidity! Here they come, your green friends in the bathroom.

1. Aloe Vera

We’ve said it before, the Aloe Vera is a special one. She doesn’t need a lot of water and she doesn’t care where she’s placed. Whether in the living room or the bathroom, she does her thing anyway.

2. Sansevieria (Female tongue)

Another easy houseplant: the Sansevieria! Not only is it easy to care for, it also filters the air in front of you. Extra handy in such a humid bathroom!

3. Sail

Maybe the best choice for your bathroom, a fern. This plant wants nothing more than to live in high humidity. That’s why the bathroom might be the perfect place for him!

4. Grasslily

Officially he listens to Spider plant, but grass lily is also good. Where you gonna put it? That’s nothing he’s worried about. As long as you water him every week, he’ll be fine. In your bathroom, too!

5. Spoon plant

A spoon plant that not only makes the toxins disappear from your bathroom, but at the same time keeps the moisture level in balance. Sounds good, right? Originally it comes from the jungle, so it’s used to some extreme conditions.

6. Scindapsus

No room for a large houseplant? There are also hanging plants that prefer to bivouac in the bathroom. And the Scindapsus is one of those! As well as being beautiful, it can also purify the air. So handy!

How expensive are bathroom plants?

Just like normal houseplants, the price of bathroom plants can vary a lot. This depends on the size of the plant, but also on its exclusivity and the type of plant it is. This starts at €10,- and can go up to XXL varieties of around €500,-.

Can a bathroom plant live without daylight?

Do you have a bathroom without daylight? Then it’s better not to put houseplants in your bathroom. Without daylight there is no chance that your plant will survive. Then you better choose an artificial plant or a nice accessory!