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How do air-purifying houseplants work?

This is how an air-purifying houseplant works. During the day when we are at work, a lot of things happen in your house or office. Your air-purifying plant converts CO2 into oxygen. They do this by opening their stomata during the day. But that’s not all! They provide better humidity by adding water vapour to the air. Even those nasty food smells? They break them down for you! This way you have a clean, good smelling and perfect humidity in your house.

What are the advantages of an air-purifying houseplant?

A houseplant with a useful function, that is really the air-purifying plant. That houseplant not only creates atmosphere, but is also good for your health. They convert CO2 into oxygen and even emit hydrogen vapour.

Has the effect of an air-purifying plant been scientifically proven?

An air-purifying houseplant actually sounds too good to be true. In addition to purifying the air, an air-purifying plant would also break down food odours and harmful substances. Maybe you had heard of it before. And we know the scientific details.

In a study, four air-purifying houseplants were placed in an enclosed space. Here the harmful substance formaldehyde was added to the air. And then what happened within the hour? Of the 0.33 ppm (per million) particles of this harmful substance formaldehyde, the number was virtually zero. Yeah, you hear that right! In one hour, four houseplants decomposed 0.33 million particles. Hit it, those air-purifying plants!

Can air-purifying plants do more than just purify the air?

Yes, they can! Besides the fact that air-purifying plants are good for the humidity in your house, they can do much more. After all, what green houseplants do well is reduce stress and improve concentration.

Air-purifying plants do this just by looking at them! Oh yes, houseplants also improve acoustics. Have we persuaded you yet? No? Another advantage then!

Which air-purifying plants are popular?

The presence of these air-purifying plants ensures a healthier and more pleasant living and/or working environment. Indirectly, the plants even provide more well-being, productivity and less absenteeism.

Now you probably wonder which plants purify the air. You probably already have them in your house! The well-known Draceana, Monstera and Ficus are the most well-known air purifying indoor plants. To help you a little in the world of air-purifying plants. Below our 7 favorites!

1. Calathea

A special houseplant because of its colourful and variegated leaves. The Calathea is a very air-purifying plant, which contributes to a better and healthier indoor climate. Special about the plant? The Calathea closes its leaves at night and only opens them again in the morning. A real Living Plant!

2. Kentia Palm

The Kentia palm is a plant that grows slowly and inconspicuously. New leaves will regularly appear from the heart of the plant. In contrast to the plant itself, the new leaf grows quickly and will suddenly jump open. It is therefore important not to give too much water. If your feet are too wet, the trunk will rot!

3. Phlebodium

A strong fern with a striking deep blue-green leaf colour. As the leaves grow older they get finger-shaped branches. The leaves are strong and will not fall out quickly. Phlebodium is not only suitable as a decorative plant, but also as cut green.

4. Spathiphyllum

The elegant Spanthiphyllum, or spoon plant, is white with beautiful calyx-shaped flowers. It is an easy plant that likes high humidity and indicates well when it needs food or water. So nice and easy!

5. Dracaena Marginata

The Dracaena Marginata is a strong plant with long slender leaves. It does best in a sunny spot, and can live well in a busy environment. The Dracaena Marginata can take a beating!

6. Chlorophytum

The pointed green with white leaves makes the Chlorophytum a chic appearance. It doesn’t matter if you water this plant a lot or a little. By making tubers it partially regulates its own water supply.

7. Ficus (Lyrata)

A plant that doesn’t look out of place in any interior. Ficus Lyrata has large strong leaves and can grow into a large houseplant. A real eye-catcher! The Ficus Lyrata has only one requirement, it does not want to be in danger. Then its beautiful glow will quickly disappear.