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Ordering online houseplant accessories

If you have purchased a brand new houseplant, office plant, flowerpot and/or plant stand, the accessories can of course not be left behind. Why would you keep giving water from a plastic measuring cup or a simple glass? That could be much more fun!

Which watering can fits me?

You can do the watering of your houseplants much bigger than you already do. How about a real design watering can? A watering can that looks great on your dresser, in a display case or just next to your houseplant.

A design watering can is not made of plastic. The main material is metal or brass with a neat finish. How about a matte red watering can or a shiny golden watering can? Time for something new!

Water houseplants with a plant sprayer

Not with a simple water pollinator, nebulizer or sprayer. No! This could be much more fun. From now on, your houseplant will mist you with a golden water spray. With such a good-looking accessory, you won’t miss a day! Want to bet?

It’s not just any living room accessory. The accessories in our range are not only beautiful but also practical and functional. Give your houseplants the luxury they deserve! If they are already in a beautiful flowerpot or plant stand, a watering can and water sprayer are required.