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Plant care

Curious about the best way to take care of your houseplant? We have put together extensive manuals for each houseplant. Then you know exactly what your green friend needs. And in most cases this is more than just love.

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Tidy up your houseplants in 5 easy steps

1. Time for a move

One plant prefers to greet in the shade, while the other wants as much sunshine as possible. It is therefore good to check whether your plant is in the right place.

There are plants that show by means of yellow leaves that they get too much or too little sunlight. Do you doubt this? Move the plant two meters to the back and test this for a while. Doesn’t this help?

2. Keep an eye on the humidity

Cause of death number one in houseplants: root rot. This is due to a surplus of water. That is why you should regularly stick your finger into the potting soil around your green friend. Make sure that you stick your finger well into the soil.

It is often a bit deeper in the soil and your houseplant doesn’t need any water at all! Before you drown the plant, check its humidity.

Also pay close attention to the humidity in the house! Especially during the winter months, when you are heating your houseplant, this can be quite hard work for your houseplant. Therefore spray the leaves once in a while with a plant sprayer. Especially houseplants that mainly consist of moisture need this rain shower!

3. Choose the right soil

Like a human, your houseplant needs nutrients. Therefore, do not just pour your plants into the potting soil that you happen to have, but choose the soil that your plant needs. On the label of your houseplant you can find what kind of potting soil it prefers to live in.

In addition, houseplants such as the Musa, or Banana plant, need some extra nutrition during warmer periods. You mix plant nutrition together with the right amount of water and pour it into the soil. Simple, but certainly effective!

4. Pots, cuttings and buds

Most plants need to be repotted once a year. Carefully take your plant out of its pot and place it in a larger pot with new potting soil. Has your plant been propagated? Then it might also be a good idea to cut and bud your plant.

When budding and planting, cut off the top leaves, so that fuller leaves grow back. This often happens with herbal plants. The cuttings of a plant can differ, so take a good look at what kind of plant you have. Have you never cut a plant before? Watch our videos!

5. Get to know your plant

Just like people, every houseplant has a different manual. Get to know your plant! There are plants that prefer to be watered a few times a week, and there are some that like to be as dry as possible. Do you and a friend have the same houseplant? Then listen carefully to your own green friend. Every plant reacts differently!

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