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Why do my houseplants always die?


What is the cause of death of plants?

Plants are cozy, beautiful and in some cases also air-purifying. Yet it seems as if every plant that comes near you is dying. It’s not your love for plants, but what is it?

In most cases we can be brief about the cause of death of plants. Water. Usually too much, and in some cases too little water.

A new houseplant gets brown leaves

Have you ever thought about moving your houseplant? It is possible that your green girlfriend is moving into a far too small house! Carefully take the plant out of the flowerpot and look carefully at the roots.

Roots need living space. Some houseplants even want to move to a bigger house every year. New potting soil can also be essential here. Potting soil contains very important nutrients.

If you want to put your houseplant in new potting soil, do this carefully! There is a chance that you will accidentally damage the roots. Therefore remove most of the old potting soil carefully from the roots. Then your plant will be able to absorb the nutrients from the new potting soil extra well.

Most common causes of death of plants

1. Too much water

It may be that your houseplant is very happy with you. She stands in the right place in the house, gets enough light and her flowerpot is certainly not too small. Still, there is something wrong with the relationship between you, and in most cases this is water.

Despite the fact that you want to spoil a houseplant, it is better not to do this with water. The most common cause of death in houseplants is water, which causes root rot.

It’s best to find out exactly how much water your green friend needs and start with a measuring cup. Those shoots of water become your plant a little too much.

2. Too much or too little sunlight

Plants need light. That’s right! However, putting your Pineapple plant on the windowsill or placing a Yucca in the shade is not ideal. Find your houseplant and investigate. How much light does your green friend really need? Probably less than you think!

You can always let houseplants get used to light. Put the plant one step closer to the window every day, or put it in the sunlight longer every day. Keep in mind that you can’t turn a hater into a lover. Plants can’t do that with the sun either.

Most houseplants suffer from yellow leaves when they get too little or too much sun. Pay attention to discolored leaves!

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