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Watering plants during vacations. How do they survive?


How do plants survive when you're on vacation?

It’s almost that time again! You go to the campsite, an all-inclusive, tropical place or go camping in the woods. Very nice for you, but what about your houseplants?

During a vacation you leave your plant mother’s soul alone in your house. That’s why we have some tips especially for those who stay behind. So that they too can survive without you.

Move your houseplants so they need less water

Are you one of those Dutch people who closes the curtains when you go on vacation? Well done! Only for the houseplants that you leave behind a bit less natural. Anyway, move your plants to a place with (in)direct sunlight. That way you can be sure you won’t come home to any greenhouse plants.

Good preparation = half work

Top, you’ve completed step 1; you’ve given your houseplants a temporary new place in your house, and you’ve also closed your curtains. This way you don’t give burglars the chance to take that beautiful Strelitzia with them! 😉

After you’ve been lugging your plants around, it’s time to provide them with water and plant nutrition. Because as soon as you’re thirsty with an ice cream by the pool, your plants will also be very thirsty. Especially when temperatures are summery in the Netherlands! First make a calculation, because how many waterings do they really miss? Probably less than you think! Giving one liter of water to your mini Begonia is not a good idea, even when you’re on vacation.

Take a plant sitter

Do you have an Urban Jungle? Then of course you can always ask someone you trust to come and water it. Do you have a best friend with little plant knowledge? Then make a handy checklist with dates and quantities of water!

In the checklist you indicate per plant how much water they need. Make it even easier by adding dates. These dates can be easily ticked off by your plant sitter! Even for a layman, taking care of plants is a piece of cake!

The most useful plants for your vacation

1. Sun lovers

Are you practicing on the beach for 2 weeks? Then houseplants that need water every week miss 2 turns of water, and that’s actually fine. It’s best to add some plant food and give a little extra water when you leave. Then it should be okay with those sun lovers! In any case, don’t give too much water! This can cause root rot, even if you don’t water the next two weeks.

2. Succulents and cacti

The easiest green friend is a succulent plant or a tough cactus. Especially if you go on vacation a little longer! These green friends can easily do without water for a month. Are you going away longer? That’s no problem for most cacti and succulents. Give a normal amount of water when you leave and a month later they’ll be exactly the same. Want to bet?

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