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Taking care of your Christmas tree is easy!


How do you take care of a Christmas tree?

If you have bought a real Christmas tree again this year, you want to keep it beautiful as long as possible. But how do you actually do that, taking care of a Christmas tree?

And suppose you buy a Christmas tree with root ball, how do you make sure you can use it again next year? We’ll explain it to you!

Let the Christmas tree get used to its new home

If you bought a Christmas tree, first leave it in the barn or garage for a night. A Christmas tree often comes from outside, and has to get used to the warm temperature of a house. By letting the Christmas tree first get used to a barn or garage, the step from the outside to the inside is smaller.

A little extra love

If you’ve bought a Christmas tree with root ball – a bit of soil around the roots – it’s important to water it thoroughly. First give the Christmas tree a good splash of water and build it in the coming days. Once a week a big sip is enough. You can also add plant nutrition once in a while. Plant nutrition ensures that the tree stays in shape longer, and thus retains its needles.

During the cold days

Like almost all houseplants, a Christmas tree prefers not to stand too close to the heating. A heater can cause the Christmas tree to dry out. This results in the loosening of needles. The Christmas tree grows up in the cold nature and is therefore not a fan of the heating.

A sip for the thirst

Would you like to take extra care of the Christmas tree? Then put it in a deep bowl or saucer, and add a layer of water. This layer of water makes sure it always has enough moisture. He will drink this layer of water lovingly. Every week when you water him, this layer will be replenished, and he will enjoy his sips of water.

Would you like to enjoy your Christmas tree not only during Christmas, but also afterwards? If so, read the following tips for taking care of your Christmas tree outside.

Christmas tree with root ball reuse in 4 steps

Are you a lover of Christmas, and especially the Christmas tree? A Christmas tree can be taken care of all year round to keep your Christmas feeling. It is important that you buy a Christmas tree that has been grown with a pot. If you’ve bought a potted Christmas tree, pay attention!

1. The Christmas tree as short as possible in the house

The headline says it all. Although the Christmas tree gives such a cozy atmosphere, do not leave it inside longer than necessary. It prefers to grow in nature and the warmth of the house doesn’t do it any good.

2. Do not let the Christmas tree freeze to death

Time to plant your Christmas tree in the garden? Then wait when it’s freezing outside. It has just come from the cozy warm house, and is placed in a freezer. Not a good idea! Let the Christmas tree get used to planting in the garage or shed. This way, the Christmas tree can get used to the cold outside again.

3. Choose the right location

Time to plant? Make sure you pick a place where the Christmas tree can grow. It may take a while, but a Christmas tree can grow up to 10 meters. Keep this in mind!

4. Christmas tree care

Would you like to use the Christmas tree again next year? Then plant the Christmas tree including the pot in the ground. Let the pot protrude a little above the ground. Water the Christmas tree the first time and keep watering it regularly. Don’t want to reuse the Christmas tree next year? Then take the pot from the Christmas tree and dig it in with good potting soil. Give it a lot of water and keep watering it every week.

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