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How to make a basil plant shine again


How do you care for a basil plant?

Keeping a basil plant alive often turns out to be more difficult than you think! Why is that? You’d better ask yourself how you do keep them alive. After all, keeping a basil plant alive is more important than you think.

Make sure you have enough light, but avoid too much direct sunlight. After that, do not use a watering can too much. The roots of a herbal plant cannot withstand that.

The best place to buy a Basil plant?

In a garden center! Yes, you hear that well. You buy the Basil, or probably any other herbal plant, maybe always at the supermarket. But, supermarket employees are not growers. Plants in the supermarket are often cheap, but certainly not of good quality.

Basil plant uplift in 5 steps

1. A warm protective layer

This is probably one of the first things you do. Remove the foil. There you go! Leave the foil in place. The foil may be ugly, but let your herb plant live a little longer. Still remove its protective layer? Then it will collapse from misery in no time.

2. Sunbed suits?

Did you leave the foil? Then you can find a good spot for your herb plant. Herbs need sunlight, so put them on a windowsill. Immediately choose a good spot for your herbal plant. Nobody will be happy about moving often, and neither will your herbal plant!

3. Don’t touch it!

Use scissors. Or a sharp knife if necessary! Use everything that is clean and sharp, but leave your hands at home. On your hands there are bacteria that not all herbal plants can withstand. Take the scissors and cut a few twigs off. We understand that it’s more fun to pull the leaves off, but that’s not good for anyone. Certainly not for your beloved herbal plant! So be careful.

4. A full bunch

Can’t you see the forest through all the branches? Time to repot! Cut a few twigs and put them in a pot with water. As soon as the twigs get roots they can be repotted to a pot with soil. If you want to keep the herbaceous plant alive for a longer period of time, you should also regularly plant buds. Remove the top leaves from the plant. This will cause the leaves of your herbal plant to grow back fuller.

5. Surplus water

Just like houseplants, there is a major cause of death in the herbal plant. Water. And above all, too much water. Never give too much water! And more important: don’t pour water from above into your herbal plant. It’s better to pour a layer of water on a deep plate, and place this plate under the pot of your herbal plant. Keep feeling the soil of the plant in spite of the layer of water. Is it too wet or too dry? In the meantime you know what to do.

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