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Schefflera cuttings in soil


How do you propagate a Schefflera?

De Schefflera is dankzij zijn stam en bladvorming een geliefde kamerplant. Al wordt de Schefflera ook wel vergeleken met de Pachira. Zodra de plant op de juiste standplaats staat heb je er weinig omkijken naar. Op het gebied van verzorging dan.

Propagating the Schefflera is a time-consuming process. Before roots are formed you are at least one month further. It can also happen that no root growth is developed at all. An experiment! But you should definitely take the risk!


  • Schefflera
  • Knife or scissors
  • Disinfectant
  • Flowerpot with fresh potting soil
  • Optional: cutting powder

Propagating the Schefflera in 4 steps

1. Cleaning of material

From the Schefflera, cuttings are not always successful. In order to seek success as much as possible, we recommend disinfecting the tools first.

Grab your knife or scissors and clean them with disinfectant or pure alcohol.

2. Cut the cutting

It is important that cuttings of the Schefflera have at least 3 leaves. Make sure that the cuttings are arount 5 to 10 cm large.

Have you chosen the right cutting(s)? Cut or trim a head of the Schefflera.

3. Apply cutting powder

As the Schefflera is not the easiest plant to propagate, cutting powder can be very useful.

Do you have cutting powder? Then dip the cuttings in the cutting powder and let it dry thoroughly.

Don’t you have any cutting powder? It may be wise to get cutting powder in your house. Cuttings can stimulate root growth and counteract bacteria.

4. Wait, wait, wait a little bit more

Place the cuttings in a flowerpot with fresh soil.

The cutting of the Schefflera is a time-consuming process. After 4 weeks you should see some results at the roots of the cuttings. Although it can take several months too.

So, don’t attach too much value to your Schefflera cuttings. Or even better, propagate more cuttings at the same time! This way you reduce the chance of a big disappointment.

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