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Zamioculcas cuttings in water or soil


How do you propagate a Zamioculcas?

The Zamioculcas, a popular houseplant that originated in Zanzibar, Kenya and Madagascar. They consume little water and also have few care requirements. Not only the ideal houseplant, but also as an office plant Zamioculcas is popular. Zamioculcas comes from the Araceae family. Family of the Zamioculcas is also called the Anthurium, Spathiphylum and the Philodendron.

And the popularity of the Zamioculcas, or ZZ plant, you can easily carry on. In fact, the propagation of the plant is remarkably easy. Just as easy as the care of the plant. Perfect!


  • Zamioculcas (ZZ plant)
  • Knife
  • Disinfectant
  • Vase with water or flowerpot with fresh potting soil
  • Optional: cutting powder

Propagating a Zamioculcas in 4 steps

1. Disinfect the scissors

Yes, you read that well! The first thing you have to do is disinfect the tool. Whether you use scissors or a knife, clean it first. It is best to use alcohol or disinfectant.

2. Trim cuttings

Cuttings of the Zamioculcas can be done in two ways: in water and in soil. The fastest way to cuttings is in water.

It is best to cut one branch and divide it into pieces. Make sure each piece has two leaves. This way of taking cuttings is useful for cutting in water as well as in soil.

3. Cuttings in water or soil

Do you have cutting powder in your house? Then dab some cutting powder on the open wound of the cuttings. You can also apply some cutting powder to the mother plant. Let the cuttings dry thoroughly before you continue.

No cutting powder? No problem! After cutting you can put the cuttings in water or directly into the soil. With the cuttings in soil it is important to keep the soil slightly moist. It is also best to place the cuttings on a spot with indirect sunlight.

4. Rooting and repotting

When cutting in water, roots will develop sooner than when the cuttings are already in the ground. The Zamioculcas grows very slowly, so growing roots can take a while.

Are there roots of about 5 cm on the cuttings? Then you can repot them in soil. In this case, keep the small cuttings in a place with indirect sunlight. As soon as the plant has grown bigger it can move to the semi-shade.

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