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Propagating a Rhipsalis: a simple step-by-step plan


How do you propagate a Rhipsalis?

The Rhipsalis belongs to one of the easiest houseplants. Water is not important to him, and also the location doesn’t matter much. Direct sunlight or half shade. It doesn’t matter! It is better not to water the Rhipsalis than to water it too often.

Just like taking care of the Rhipsalis, propagation of the plant is very easy. You need a knife. That’s it! In addition, it is useful to have a lot of patience with the Rhipsalis. Growth of the plant can still be delayed.


Propagating a Rhipsalis in 4 steps

1. Clean the knife

The best way to take cuttings from the Rhipsalis is to use a clean and sharp knife. A clean knife can be obtained by degreasing the knife with pure alcohol or disinfectant.

Then dry the knife well. This way you don’t spread bacteria unnecessarily.

2. Cut the cuttings

From the Rhipsalis you can cut a leaf. As far as we are concerned it is best to cut a cutting of at least 10 cm.

Do you have a Rhipsalis with very wide and flat leaves? Then you can cut this leaf into several pieces.

3. Let the cuttings dry

Once you have cut the cuttings it is best to let them dry. We recommend to do this for at least 3 days. Then you know for sure that the wound is dry. In addition, the wound has probably already closed a little.

4. Repot the cutting

After drying you can put the cuttings in the ground. Give them a little water, but don’t do this too often. The soil of the Rhipsalis cuttings may dry out completely between watering sessions.

After about one month enough roots have developed. You can check this by carefully wiggling the plant. Then you will notice that the cutting is actually stronger in the pot. It is also possible that you already see growth of the cutting.

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