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Cuttings with young shoots: a basic manual


How do you propagate?

Of course you want to have a lot more of your favorite houseplant. Now we have some good news for you! With propagating your green friend you can soon make more babies. We’ll teach you how to lovingly repot, sow, cut and eventually even propagate your plants. And the best? Success guaranteed. So let’s get to work!

For the propagation of the palm you actually need no supplies. The cuttings themselves are not troublesome either. Although the patience you need after taking the cuttings can be tricky. Before a cutting is really rooted you are a few weeks to months away.

The beginner’s manual

Before you enthusiastically start cutting all your houseplants, it’s a good idea to go over the basics again. First of all, important to know, there are two ways of propagation. Cuttings on water and cuttings directly into the soil. The latter saves you dirty hands, but also has a disadvantage! You can’t clearly see if your cuttings are taking root. This is of course the case with cuttings on water.

It is also good to know the best way to propagate. For cuttings we keep a minimum number of centimeters of 15 cm. Then the cuttings are strong enough to take care of themselves. Do you have a houseplant with aerial roots? Then you can easily cut it off under the aerial root. Make sure you don’t damage the root.

There are two different ways to propagate

1. Cuttings on water

Choose a clean glass, and fill it with plenty of water. Place the cutting in it and make sure the top of the cutting stays dry. Does your cutting have leaves? Remove all the leaves that are attached to its stem. The top leaf of your cutting can be kept. Place the glass with your cutting in a light place, away from direct sunlight. That sometimes its dead! It is also important to change the water once a week. This will give your cuttings fresh minerals and nutrients!

2. Cuttings with earth

Not all cuttings grow well in water, but they do in soil! When repotting, make sure you put the cuttings deep enough in the soil. Don’t leave the cutting hanging, and also avoid it breaking off. As soon as you have cut or trimmed a 15 cm cutting, remove all the leaves, except the one at the top of the cutting. Let this top leaf emerge above the soil with a small piece of stem, and repot the rest of the cutting in a clean flowerpot with fresh soil.

Are you going to take cuttings? Then don’t forget the following tools!

  • Clean and sharp scissors or knife
  • Glass or vase with water
  • Flowerpot with fresh soil

Only three accessories needed! Nothing more and nothing less. Or well, a houseplant is always handy when you’re taking cuttings.

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