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Pachira cuttings from a branch


How do you propagate a Pachira?

The Money tree, or as it is officially called the Pachira, is a popular gift. All the way from the swamps of Eastern Brazil, Panama and Costa Rica comes this nice plant. And the fact that the plant is not only fun, but also easy, is an added advantage. The Pachira looks a lot like the Schefflera in terms of stem, but they are definitely other plant species.

The plant only needs water once every three weeks. That is about the same period that a Pachira cutting needs to root. A nice project in the meantime!


  • Pachira
  • Knife
  • Disinfectant
  • Flower pot with fresh potting soil
  • Optional: cutting powder

Pachira cuttings in 4 steps

1. Cleaning the knife

The Pachira can be cut by taking a head cut or by letting woody cuttings take root. For both cases you need a sharp knife.

In order not to spread bacteria it is wise to clean the knife well. For this you use disinfectant or pure alcohol.

2. Cut the branches loose

We recommend to cut the Pachira with a head cutter. This is the simplest and most successful way in living rooms.

Cut a head cutter of about 15 to 20 centimeters. It is best to cut the cuttings half ‘wooded’. This is a stem from last year which now grows into shoots. Leave at least one or two leaves on the cutting.

3. Add cutting powder

Do you have cutting powder in your house? Fine! Then you can dip the open wound in cutting powder and let the powder dry.

Don’t you have any cuttings? No problem of course! Already, cutting powder promotes root growth, which makes the cuttings grow roots sooner.

4. Repotting

Place the cutting(s) in potting soil. Put a bag over the cutting to increase the humidity. It is best to put the cutting in a light and warm place.

After about three weeks to a few months the cuttings are rooted and ready for adult life. When the cutting is rooted you can remove the bag over the cutting.

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