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Maranta propagation with branches


How do you propagate a Maranta?

Thanks to its leaves, the Maranta is a very striking house plant. Taking care of the plant may not be the easiest, but it is super fun. The plant is also called a prayer plant thanks to its branches.

These same branches make the propgation of the Maranta very easy. Your Maranta doesn’t have any branches yet? Then we must disappoint you. The Maranta cuttings are most successful if there are branches.


  • Maranta
  • Knife
  • Disinfectant
  • Vase with water or flowerpot with fresh potting soil
  • Optional: cutting powder

Propagating a Maranta in 4 steps

1. Clean the scissors well

Yeah, you hear right! It’s important to clean the scissors you’re going to cut with. You can use pure alcohol or disinfectant.

After cleaning, dry the scissors thoroughly. Otherwise you will still spread bacteria.

2. Cut off the branches

Not all branches are big enough to take cuttings from. It is best to take a branch that has at least 3 leaves. Cut the branching loose. Can’t do this? Then use a sharp knife. Don’t forget to disinfect the knife as well.

3. Place the cutting in the water

Do you have any cutting powder in the house? Then apply it to the wound of the cutting and to the mother plant. Applying cuttings encourages root growth. Then let the powder dry thoroughly.

Don’t you have any cutting powder? No problem! Then immediately put the cutting in a glass of water.

4. Wait and see blown

Once you have put the cutting in the water it is important that no leaves touch the water. Does this happen? Then cut away the bottom leaf. In the long run, the leaf will start to mould differently!

After about 3 weeks enough roots will have grown on the cutting.

Tip: aren’t you a fan of cuttings in water? Then you can also put the cutting in the ground. In that case we do recommend to put a plastic bag over the leaf. This will ensure high humidity. Something that makes the Maranta very happy!
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