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Propagating a Kalanchoe in cutting and seeding soil


How do you propagate a Kalanchoe?

Kalanchoe is a succulent plant, which makes it very easy to take care of. A succulent plant stores water in its leaves. Saves you time and water of course! About 125 species come from the Kalanchoe family. In addition to succulents, most slabs are also flowering houseplants.

Net als het verzorgen is ook het stekken van de Kalanchoë erg makkelijk. Kalanchoës zijn net zo makkelijk als vetplanten en cactussen. Je hebt weinig benodigdheden nodig en ook de uitvoering is goed te doen. Het enige waar je rekening mee moet houden is, dat het stekken van de Kalanchoë erg lang duurt.


  • Kalanchoe
  • Knife
  • Disinfectant
  • Flower pot with fresh potting soil

Propagating a Kalanchoe in 4 steps

1. Cleaning the knife

While cutting the Kalanchoe, you’ll need a knife. It is important to clean this knife well. Don’t you do this? Then you spread bacteria to the cutting and mother plant in no time.

It is best to clean the knife with disinfectant or pure alcohol.

2. Getting started

Slice a cutting of about 10 from the top of the plant. Make sure there are at least 2 leaves on the cutting.

Remove the bottom leaf from the cutting. Don’t you do this? Then the cutting gives too much energy to the lower leaf to keep it alive. Energy that the cutting could also use for root growth.

3. Leave it dry

The Kalanchoe is a succulent plant. And just like other succulents, it’s important to let the wound of the cutting dry. You can let the cutting dry for about 4 days.

When the wound of the cutting is dry, you stimulate the cutting to make roots.

4. Pot it up, that place!

Use sowing and cutting soil for the cutting. Make sure that not a single leaf is placed in the soil. Is this the case? Then remove some leaves from the underside. You can cut away the excess leaf with a knife.

Kalanchoe cutting care

Keep the soil of the cutting slightly moist, but only give a small amount of water. After about 3 weeks the cutting will grow roots. As soon as you see that the Kalanchoe actually has roots, you can regularly give small amounts of water. You will notice that roots have grown, because the cutting is firmer or is actually already growing.

In any case, do not give too much water. The Kalanchoe remains a succulent plant. And succulents do not need much water. They store all the water they get in the trunk and the leaves.

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