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A Ficus cutting in water


How do you propagate a Ficus?

Ficus is a well known houseplant that comes in many different species. If you look at the appearance of Ficus, the plant doesn’t really fit in the street of other houseplants. From the Ficus Lyrata to the Ficus Robusta, the cutting is simple. Just like the care of the Ficus species. Although you need a lot of patience when taking cuttings!

You can cut a Ficus by putting its trunk in water. Taking cuttings through the trunk into the soil is also possible, although this way of taking cuttings is not always successful.


  • Ficus
  • Scissors or knife
  • Disinfectant
  • Vase with water
  • Optional: cutting powder

Propagating a Ficus in 4 steps

1. Cleaning and disinfection

First clean the knife or scissors you are going to use. You can use pure alcohol or disinfectant.

Are your tools clean? After cleaning, make sure that the knife and/or scissors are dry.

2. Cuttings in water or soil

Is the tool clean and dry? Then choose the way you would like to cut. You can choose to put the cuttings in water, or directly into the soil.

In both cases, cut a piece of trunk at least one leaf. For cuttings in soil, choose a cutting with a maximum of 2 leaves, and for cuttings in water up to four leaves.

3. Waiting for root growth

If you have cut the trunk of the mother plant loose or cut, white liquid can come loose. Dab the open wound on both the mother plant and the cutting dry. If you have cutting powder you can then apply cutting powder and wait until it has dried.

Then put the cutting in the water or push the cutting into the ground. Do you put the cutting directly in the soil? Then use a plastic bag that you wrap around the leaf and attach to the stem. This prevents the leaf from drying out.

4. Extra tip

It is also important to regularly moisten the leaves of the cutting with a plant sprayer. As soon as the cutting has roots of about 5 to 10 cm, you can repot it. For cuttings in the ground, keep the soil slightly moist.

As soon as you notice that the cutting is stuck in the soil, roots will probably have formed. From the moment there are roots you can water more regularly and more. You can also remove the plastic bag around the leaf.

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