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Tearing the Fern in cuttings


How do you propagate a Fern?

Ferns are perhaps the most air-purifying plants there is. They are perfect for the bathroom and easy to maintain. The Fern is actually found all over the world. Even in Europe! Ferns don’t look like them, but Strelitzia’s have the same way of cuttings as a Fern.

You don’t even need tools for propagating. The only thing you need to have with you is your hands. And maybe a towel against the junk. Just take the cuttings!


  • Fern
  • Knife
  • Disinfectant
  • Towel
  • Flowerpot with fresh soil

Propgating a Fern in 4 steps

1. Good preparation is half the work

A Fern cut you through tearing. Have you never cut a plant by tearing? Then it can feel a bit unnatural to tear. Tearing a plant is very simple, and you don’t really need any supplies. Although it can be handy to have a clean and sharp knife nearby.

First of all, clean the knife well. It’s best to use pure alcohol or disinfectant. Then make sure that the knife is dry.

2. Limit the damage

First remove the plant from its flowerpot. Put the plant on a towel, so you can reduce the mess.

It’s best to start repotting. Take the old soil out of the flowerpot and refresh it with new soil.

We recommend to use a flowerpot that is 20% larger when repotting. Although this may not be necessary after cutting and reducing the amount of roots. This depends on how many cuttings you divide the mother plant into.

3. Tear it up

First think about how many pieces you would like to divide the mother plant. Then carefully tear the plant apart. It is important that the cuttings already have their own roots.

Isn’t tearing it that easy? Then take the knife and cut the root ball apart.

4. Repotting

Ready to tear? Then you can repot the cuttings in your own flowerpot.

Place the cuttings in a spot with indirect sunlight, and keep the soil slightly moist. With a Fern it is also important to spray the leaves well with a plant sprayer.

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