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Dry Euphorbia cuttings


How do you propagate an Euphorbia?

The Euphorbia is a look-a-like of the Cactus.It is therefore not too bad if you can hardly see the difference. Altough there is one big difference. An Euphorbia has spurge. This can cause some mess during cutting.

Besides the fact that the spurge of the Euphorbia can cause some difficulties, the cuttings themselves are not troublesome. On the contrary! The cutting of an Euphorbia is difficult, but a time-consuming process.


  • Euphorbia
  • Knife
  • Disinfectant
  • Flowerpot with fresh potting soil

Propagating an Euphorbia in 4 steps

1. Choose the cutting

You can propagate an Euphorbia best with a knife. Clean the knife thoroughly with disinfectant or pure alcohol. In this way you avoid spreading bacteria. Choose in advance from which shoots you would like to propagate. Are you going for just one cutting? Or do you take it big and want more than one shoot of cuttings?

2. Cut off the cuttings

After cleaning the knife, you can cut off the cuttings. Look out! The Euphorbia is not a cactus, but a succulent plant. This means that the Euphorbia has spurge milk. Don’t be afraid if you cut off the cuttings and suddenly see some juice coming out of the plant. Make sure that the cuttings are at least 10 centimetres large. After that you can rinse the cuttings under a running tap.

3. Let the wound dry

Since the Euphorbia has spurge milk, it is best to let the cutting dry out. We recommend leaving the cutting alone for about two weeks. Choose a shady spot with not too many temperature differences. Do not place the cuttings near a heater or near a door/window with a lot of draught.

4. Repotting

After two weeks you can give the Euphorbia cuttings a new home. Use fresh potting soil and a flowerpot that’s large enough for the cuttings to root. It is important that you do not water them yet. Only water the cutting when it has formed roots. A cutting hase roots after about a month. Just a little more patience!

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