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Propagating the Croton with cuttings


How do you propagate a Croton?

De Croton (Codieaum) is misschien wel één van de meest kleurrijke plantensoort die er is. Een totaal andere plant dan de meeste kamerplanten. Het opvallend blad van de Croton heeft fluoriderende kleuren variërend van roze tot geel, paars en oranje. Een Calathea heeft natuurlijk ook opvallend, maar niet zoals de Croton. De Croton is dan ook een echte eye-catcher! Wij begrijpen dan ook erg goed dat je de plant graag zou vermeerderen.

The propagating of the Croton can be done in four easy steps. It is not difficult, but of course there are some actions you have to perform. Well, you have to do something to propagate such a striking plant!


  • Croton
  • Knife
  • Disinfectant
  • Vase with water
  • Flower pot with fresh potting soil
  • Optional: plastic bag

Propagating the Croton in 4 steps

1. Clean your knife

One of the most important things about cuttings is disinfecting the tools or supplies. Don’t you do this? Then there’s a good chance you’re spreading bacteria. And that’s actually unnecessary!

With disinfectant or pure alcohol you can clean the knife you are going to use.

2. Creating cuttings

Croton cuttings are best done with head cuttings. Choose a cutting that is at least 15 cm long and has two leaves. The cutting(s) should be cut just below the leaf.

Then remove the lower leaves from the cutting. Sounds a bit crazy, but the Croton needs the growth nodes to stimulate root growth.

3. Let the cutting drain

Milk juice can still flow from the cutting of the Croton. To stop the flow you can keep the cuttings in water. In this way you solidify the outflow of even more milk juice.

When the cutting has sprouted it is wise to let it dry first.

4. Place the cutting in the earth

A Croton grows best with simple soil, rather than as a water spot. Place the cuttings in a flowerpot containing fresh soil. Keep the soil moist.

Do you want to promote growth? Place a plastic bag around the cuttings and flowerpot. After about one month the cuttings will have formed enough roots and you can remove the plastic bag.

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