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Coffea Arabica (Coffee plant) propagation


How to propagate the Coffea Arabica?

The coffee plant, or as it’s really called the Coffea Arabica, is a nice plant. Not the most difficult in terms of care and also nice to look at. In appearance, the coffee plant looks like the Ficus Green Kinky.

Especially in the kitchen the coffee plant is suitable. The nicest thing is that coffee beans actually grow on the plant.

Although you can’t use the beans of a coffee plant, it’s still fun to propagate the plant. You can propagate the plant by means of cuttings. And, that? That is very simple. You can read it below!


  • Coffea Arabica (Coffee plant)
  • Scissors
  • Flower pot with fresh potting soil
  • Plastic bag

Propagating a Coffea Arabica in 4 steps

1. Clean your scissors

Not only does it sound simple, it is. First of all, clean your scissors so that bacteria are not spread unnecessarily to the cuttings or mother plant.

For cleaning the scissors you can use disinfectant or pure alcohol.

2. Cut the cuttings

After cleaning, the cutting work follows. Cut one or more cuttings of at least 15 cm.

To make sure that the cuttings finish successfully, it is best to take several cuttings from the Coffea Arabica.

3. A mini greenhouse

Put the cuttings in potting soil mixed with peat dust. Spray the soil moist with a plant sprayer and then cover the cuttings with a plastic bag. You can attach the plastic bag to the flowerpot.

Then put the cuttings in a warm place with enough sunlight.

4. Repotting

Water the cuttings once every two weeks. After about a month enough roots have formed. You can then remove the plastic bag from the flowerpot. When the cuttings are limp you can temporarily use the bagging method again. Before you know it you just have a full coffee plant in your house!

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