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Clusia cuttings in water


How do you propagate a Clusia?

De Clusia is een zeer makkelijke kamerplant, die dan ook werkelijk overal kan groeien. Je herkent de plant aan het harde ronde blad. Met dit blad zit de Clusia trouwens niet stil. De Clusia is namelijk een echte luchtzuiveraar! Qua looks past de Clusia erg goed bij de Philodendron Atom.

We understand that you would like to propagate a houseplant as fine as the Clusia. Good news! The cutting of the Clusia is more than simple. And while you’re at it, you can repot that mother plant right away.


  • Clusia
  • Mes
  • Ontsmettingsmiddel
  • Vaasje met water
  • Optioneel: stekpoeder

Propagating the Clusia in 4 steps

1. Clean your tools

And by tools we mainly mean a sharp knife. We advise you to use disinfectant and/or pure alcohol for cleaning. This way you can be sure that all bacteria have disappeared from the knife!

2. Cut the cuttings

To propagate the Clusia it is best to make cuttings of at least 10 cm. Make sure there are at least 3 leaves on the cutting. So, three leaves and underneath a stem of about 10 cm.

Cut the leaves that are at the bottom off. Then you have a greater chance of developing roots.

3. Let the wound dry

Do you have any cutting powder in the house? Then carefully apply some cutting powder to the wound of the cutting and to the mother plant. Let the powder dry thoroughly.

Don’t you have any cutting powder in the house? No problem! Although cutting powder can promote root growth.

4. The Clusia in water

Once the cuttings have dried, with or without cutting powder, they can enter the water. Do not let any leaves touch the water. Otherwise the leaf can start to mould, and that’s not what you want. As soon as leaf starts to mould, all the energy goes to the dying leaf. And all the energy has to go to root growth.

The nice thing about the Clusia is that you can leave both the cuttings and the mother plant in water continuously. It is important to change the water once a week, and to regularly clean the glassware.

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