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Chinese Money plant cuttings: 4 easy steps


How do you propagate a Chinese Money plant?

The Chinese Money plant, is perhaps the biggest baby maker there is. This houseplant is not only easy to maintain. No, it also easily takes care of more specimens.

Is your Pilea, as the plant is officially called, already growing out of its pot? Then it’s time to get going with scissors!


  • Pannenkoekenplant (Pilea)
  • Scherpe schaar of mesje
  • Vaasje met water
  • Optioneel: stekpoeder

Propagating a Chinese Money plant in 4 steps

1. Dig out the mother plant

First of all, ask yourself whether the baby of the Chinese Money plant is big enough. A sprout of the Chinese Money plant is attached to the mother plant. In most cases the sprout has little or no roots.

It is therefore best to dig out the mother plant and the sprout. This way you can get to it and avoid unnecessary damage.

2. Disinfect the knife

Cut or trim the shoot as close as possible to the mother plant. This is best done with a disinfected knife or scissors.

Make sure that the tool is sharp. Otherwise you still make unnecessary damage to the plant or roots.

3. Apply cutting powder

Any luck? Step 3 is only necessary if you have cutting powder in the house. Cuttings powder ensures that the wound you created during cutting heals sooner. This allows the cuttings to put energy into roots and grow bigger. Instead of having to put energy into healing the wound.

So, take the cutting powder and apply it to the wound of the shoot. Don’t forget the mother plant! Then let the cuttings dry thoroughly.

4. Stekken in water

Is het stekpoeder opgedroogd? Dan kun je het stekje van de Pannenkoekenplant in het water zetten. Door het stekje op water te zetten zal deze sneller wortels ontwikkelen. Zodra het stekje genoeg wortels heeft kun je deze dan verpotten in potgrond.

De Pannenkoekenplant is niet zo’n fan van direct zonlicht. Zet het vaasje met de stek dan ook niet op de vensterbank. Tenzij dit een raam op het noorden is. 

Na enkele weken zijn er genoeg wortels ontwikkeld. Je kunt de stekken dan verplaatsen vanuit het water naar een bloempot met verse aarde.

Tip: Change the water at the cutting once a week. Then you will see that you can repot the cutting within a month. That’s how fast it goes with the roots!
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