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Ceropegia Woodii cuttings


How do you want to propagate a Ceropegia Woodii?

A Ceropegia Woodii is perhaps the most romantic hanging plant there is. Because of its heart-shaped leaves and beautiful color combination you will soon dream away. Just like other hanging plants, such as the pea plant, the Grasslily and Muehlenbeckia, the Ceropegia Woodii is a striking appearance.

Officially the Chain of hearts is called Ceropegia Woodii and the cutting is quite simple. Of course, that is always nice!


  • Ceropegia Woodii
  • Knife
  • Disinfectant
  • Vase with water

Propagating a Ceropegia Woodii in 4 steps

1. Disinfect the place

Before you can cut, it is important to disinfect the scissors properly. Don’t you do this? Then you simply transfer bacteria to both the mother plant and the cutting. And of course you want to prevent that!

Make sure that after disinfecting the scissors dry well. Otherwise you will hand over the disinfectant, which is not the intention.

2. Cut it

As soon as the scissors are clean you can start cutting. Cut a stem from the Ceropegia Woodii. Make sure the stem is at least 10 cm. Then use the scissors to remove the bottom leaf.

3. Put the cuttings in water

A Ceropegia Woodii is especially good to propagate in water. Place the stems in a glass of water, and make sure that no leaves touch the water. Is this the case? Then remove the leaf. If you let the leaf hang in the water it will rot. After a few weeks you will see that roots develop on the stem.

4. Repot the cuttings

As soon as the roots are at least 3 to 5 cm, you can repot the cuttings. Put the side of the roots in the soil. The cuttings may have to get used to it a bit, but in the end it will soon make new leaves.

Tip: if the Chain of Hearts is a bit older, it will eventually make tubers. Cut these tubers off and push them a little into the ground. Eventually a new plant will grow out again!
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