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The propagation of a Cactus in 3 steps


How do you propagate a Cactus?

From the high cold mountains to the Caribbean. The Cactus doesn’t care. Whether or not it’s in full sun, as long as it doesn’t get much water. Furthermore, it just goes its own slow way. If you look at the care of a Cactus, this is just as easy as with Euphorbias and Succulents.

Just like the care of the houseplant, the cutting of the cactus is easy. Just cut it with a knife, and you’re done. Or well, it’s not that simple. Within 3 steps you are ready. That’s it.


  • Cactus
  • Knife
  • Disinfectant
  • Flower pot with fresh potting soil

Propagating of the Cacti in 3 steps

1. Clean your knife

A cactus cuttings can be quite simple. Especially when small balls grow on the cactus. Although the cutting of a cactus that grows lengthwise is not a higher mathematics.

It’s best to disinfect a knife first. For this you can use pure alcohol or disinfectant. Then dry the knife well.

2. Just cut it

Do you have a cactus that grows balls? Then you can carefully cut these balls off.

Does your cactus grow lengthwise? Then you can cut off the stem close to the ground. In both cases, let the wound of the cutting dry well for at least a week.

Pay attention! The cutting of a Cactus is not guaranteed to be successful. It happens more often that a cutting does not root.

3. Mix the soil

As soon as the cuttings have dried they can go into the ground. Use a mix of potting soil and sand for this. You can put the ball on it, or put the cuttings in the soil.

Place the cutting on a spot with a lot of indirect sunlight. Never water the cutting. You only do this as soon as growth is visible.

Tip: Does the cactus suffer from root rot, or is there rot in the stem? Then it is best to cut around the rot. Do you accidentally touch some rot? Clean the knife thoroughly. You don’t do this? Then you may spread the rot.
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