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Taking Begonia cuttings


How do you propagate a Begonia?

That the Begonia Maculata is a cheerful plant, that’s for sure! So we understand only too well that you would like to propagate this plant. Well, that’s easy! All you have to do is take the Begonia Maculata cuttings. And that is a piece of cake.

The cuttings of the Begonia Maculata are somewhat different from the leaf begonia and most houseplants. Cuttings can not only be made by cutting off part of the stem. How should this be done? We’ll teach you in this blog!


  • Begonia Maculata
  • A clean and sharp scissors or knife
  • Glass, vase(s) or mug with water
  • Optional: cutting powder

Propagating a Begonia Maculata in 4 steps

1. Start cleaning

To propagate the Begonia Maculata, first clean the tools thoroughly. Disinfect the knife or scissors with hot water. If you happen to have pure alcohol in the house, you can use it to disinfect the tools even better. If you cut the Begonia Maculata with dirty tools, bacteria can be passed on. And of course you want to prevent this! In time, fungi and other bacteria can develop again, which can damage the plant.

2. Cut shoots

With the Begonia Maculata you need a part of the main stem to be able to take cuttings. Unfortunately you won’t get there with just a leaf and a piece of stem! Cuttings of the Begonia Maculata are therefore only possible when the plant is a bit higher. Just above another leaf, cut or cut off the stem from the main stem. For this you need a stem of a few centimeters. The plant will look less full now, but that will be fine! On the spot where you have cut off the cutting, a new stem with leaves will soon grow again.

3. Apply cutting powder

Do you happen to have any cutting powder? You can apply this powder to the ‘open wound’. The piece where you took the cuttings from the mother plant. Make sure the powder dries up well!

Don’t have any cutting powder? No problem! Also then the cutting of the Begonia Maculata will grow. Cuttingspowder stimulates the growth of roots. Because of this the cutting will develop more roots in the same amount of time.  So it is not a requirement!

4. Cuttings in water

Put water in a glass or vase and put the cuttings in it. You may surround the cutting well with the water. Make sure the cutting is well supported by the edge of the glass. It is the intention that no leaves hang in the water. In that case it is best to remove the bottom leaf. There is a good chance that when the leaf comes into prolonged contact with the water it will start to mould. The dead leaves cost the cutting a lot of energy. Energy that the cutting can use to make roots.

Taking care of the Begonia cutting

Put your cutting of the Begonia Maculta on a light spot. Avoid direct sunlight! The same applies of course to the mother plant. Although such a cutting is just a bit more vulnerable.

More about the care of the Begonia Maculata can be found in our manual.

Do you still want to place the cutting on the windowsill? Make sure this is a window facing north. The north gets the least afternoon sun, which can be harmful for the Begonia Maculata. In any case, avoid a window facing south. The south is more of a place for sun worshippers.

When do the first roots appear at the cutting?

After about a month you can spot the first roots at the Begonia Maculata cutting. How many roots and how big they are can vary a lot.

Are the roots longer than 5 cm? Then you can repot the cutting again! It can go that fast. Before you know it you have an army of Begonia Maculata plants.

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