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How to propagate a banana plant: tips and tricks


How do you propagate a banana plant?

In a real tropical jungle in the house, one plant cannot be missing: the banana plant. In other words, Musa (Dwarf) Cavendish. The houseplant is a few meters high in nature.

In a domestic situation, the banana plant can become very large, but larger than the ceiling, the plant will not come soon. The best thing about the plant? If you take good care of it, it makes babies. And that’s a special process.


  • Banana plant
  • Knife
  • Disinfectant
  • Flower pot with fresh potting soil
  • Optional: cutting powder

Is your banana plant blessed with babies? Then follow the step-by-step plan!

Before you take cuttings, make sure the baby is big enough. If the baby is too small, it will not survive without the mother plant. It may even be that the baby has not yet developed its own roots at such a time. Are you going to take cuttings? Make sure that the baby plant has at least 5 leaves and that it is around 40 cm tall.

Propagating a banana plant in 4 steps

1. Disinfect the knife

A banana plant is very susceptible to diseases and bacteria. Make sure that the knife you are going to use is clean. By this we also mean that the knife is well disinfected. You can do this by cleaning the knife with hot water. Don’t forget to wash your own hands as well!

Do you happen to have pure alcohol in the house? We recommend that you also disinfect the knife with pure alcohol.

2. Repotting

After cleaning the knife, it is best to remove the plant from its pot. Babies of the banana plant grow attached to the mother. During cutting, it is therefore very important to be careful with the plant!

Did you take the plant out of its pot? Then carefully dig out the trunk with the baby on it.

3. Loosening cuttings

Did you carefully dig out the plant’s baby? Then you can take the baby off the mother plant. See if the cutting already has its own roots. Without it, the cuttings are very difficult!

Cut as close as possible between the mother plant and the baby plant. Did you cut them off? Don’t pull the cuttings straight up! The roots may still be intertwined. If necessary, separate the roots as well.

4. Applying and repotting cutting powder

You carefully removed the cutting from its mother plant. Well done! The family expansion of the banana plant is almost complete. Do you have any cutting powder in the house? Then you can apply it to the ‘open wound’ of the cutting. Let it dry and then place the cutting in its new flowerpot. Simply place the cutting in a flowerpot! Use new potting soil, so that the cutting gets extra nutrients.

Taking care of the banana plant cutting

Put your cutting in a light spot. This should be direct sunlight! A banana plant grows in nature in direct sunlight. The same applies, of course, to the mother plant. Although such a cutting needs a little more care.

Good to know: as soon as you have planted the banana plant, the cuttings may become a bit limp. This is not strange at all. The cutting was first well taken care of by the mother plant, but now it has to stand on its own legs. And that’s quite hard work!

More about the care of the banana plant can be found in our manual.
You can place the cutting on the windowsill. The best would be a window facing south. Do you only have a windowsill with a window facing north? Then look for the sunniest spot in the house. The midday sun is especially important for the banana plant. It’s a real sun worshipper!

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