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Aspidistra cracking in cuttings


How do you propagate a Aspidistra?

The Aspidistra is not a demanding houseplant. Little maintenance, but you get a lot in return. The plant can withstand the cold very well and is also a very nice appearance. Cuttings of the Aspidistra are not difficult, but certainly time consuming.

The Aspidistra plants can be propagated by cracks. In the latter case you tear the root ball. Make sure these are placed in a warm and humid environment, this gives the best chance for success.


  • Aspidistra
  • Old towel
  • Scissors or knife
  • Disinfectant
  • Flower pot with fresh potting soil

Propagating a Aspidistra in 4 steps

1. Get ready

Propagating an Aspidistra is easy. Although we do recommend making some preparations. Put a towel where the cutting will be placed, and clean any tools.

You can clean the scissors and/or the knife with disinfectant or pure alcohol.

2. Make one or more cuttings

Think carefully beforehand about how many cuttings you want to create. Is this just one? Or would you like several cuttings?

No matter how many cuttings you would like, take the houseplant out of its pot first. Then put the roots on a towel.

3. Clean the roots

In order to damage the roots of the Aspidistra as little as possible, it is useful to clean the roots. You can first shake the roots well so that excess soil falls off the roots.

When there is still a lot of soil around the roots you can rinse them under running water.

4. Tear the cutting

Then divide the plant into the number you would like. It is handy to work from top to bottom. This way you leave the roots alone as much as possible. Usually if you tear a shoot loose, the roots of the shoot itself will come along. If the roots are very intertwined, you can also use scissors or a knife.

After you have separated the cuttings from the mother plant you can repot them in a flowerpot with fresh potting soil.

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