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Aloe Vera cuttings with and without roots


How do you propagate an Aloe Vera?

Originally the Aloe Vera comes from the Middle East. Thanks to its healing effect, the succulent is not just a houseplant. The juice from the plant has a very cooling effect that can be used in case of skin burns or eczema. Enough reason to propagate the plant!

Luckily the Aloe Vera is easy to propagate. In addition, the plant can also be propagated without shoots. Although the cutting of the Aloe Vera is – especially as soon as you cut with the leaves – a slow process. You won’t have new shoots in a time, like when you propagate the Pilea.


  • Aloe Vera
  • Sharp knife
  • Disinfectant
  • Flower pot with fresh potting soil

Propagating the Aloe Vera in 4 steps

1. Inspect and clean up

First take a good look at the Aloe Vera. Does the plant already have shoots? If so, where are these shoots?

If the shoots are located low on the mother plant, there is a good chance that the shoot already has roots. Although you can also easily cut a shoot of cuttings without roots.

Then clean the knife thoroughly with alcohol or disinfectant. Don’t forget to dry the knife well so you can’t contaminate the Aloe Vera.

2. Digging and cutting

If you would like to cut a shoot that is low on the mother plant, it is best to carefully dig out the Aloe Vera. In this way you not only expose the shoot, but also the roots.

The same applies to the cuttings of a shoot close to the mother plant, as well as to the cuttings from the leaves. In this way, cut the cuttings as close as possible to the mother plant.

3. Let the cutting dry

Let the cuttings that already have roots dry for about 4 days. As soon as the cutting dries it can stimulate root growth.

Do you have a cutting without roots? Then it is better to let the leaves dry for a few weeks. As soon as the wound is completely closed the cuttings can be repotted.

Drying the cutting is also necessary if you are going to cut Cacti, Euphorbias or other Fat Plants.

4. Repotting

Does the cutting have sufficient roots? Then the cutting can be repotted. It is best to use fresh cuttings to stimulate root growth.

Do not water the first period until small roots have formed.

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