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The trends for autumn 2018


What are the plant trends of 2018?

In the darkest and coolest period of the year it is especially important to bring cosiness into your home. A plant is the perfect mood creator for that. In winter, houseplants are allowed to be colorful, as long as they bring atmosphere.

The Orchid and the Anthurium are popular plants in autumn, but artificial plants are also popular at this time of year. Artificial plants are easy to maintain and very durable because of the possibility to re-use them.

Changing seasons

The transition from a warm summer to autumn can certainly be hard work for houseplants. Less water is needed, there is less daylight in the house and because of the heating the humidity in a house can fluctuate quite a bit. Good care during autumn and winter is therefore very important. In autumn, the potting soil may occasionally be a bit on the dry side, better too dry than too wet! The Philodendron, Calathea, Kentia Palm and the Sansevieria are easy plants to keep in this change of season.

Your favorite houseplant in winter

Look closely at the plants in your house, they tell you more than you think. Keep in mind that every plant is different, and that every plant needs a different care. For example, one plant needs some extra water in the autumn, another wants more light and yet another plant likes to be watered. It is important to get to know your plants well, because only then you know what they need to grow.

5 tips for indoor plants in winter

1. Lighter than light

Do you have a houseplant that enjoys a lot of light? Then make sure in the autumn that the plant still gets enough light. The days are shorter and less light will enter the house. Keep this in mind!

2. Temperature

Think not only of sufficient light, but also of the temperature. For example, a Mediterranean houseplant needs more heat than plants that can withstand frost. Important: if you put a houseplant in a warm place, it also needs more light. Pay attention to this!

3. Beware of burns

Yeah, you hear that right! Don’t put your Mediterranean houseplants next to a heater. No houseplant will survive this! Next to a heater, the plant will dry out quickly.

4. Watering system

In autumn and especially in winter, houseplants need less water than in spring or summer. Let your houseplant get used to this! Do not leave your houseplant dry for two weeks from one day to the next. It is better to finish watering well. Always water a little less at a lower frequency.

5. Extra love

It may be autumn. Don’t forget indoor plants in your winter dip! Give the plants and Christmas trees lots of love. Take a good look at the different needs and give more water if necessary. In addition, you can pamper houseplants in the winter by misting once in a while. The heating that is on for days will change the humidity. Nebulizing your plants will give them extra appreciation.

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