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Are shoes made of plants the future?


Shoes made of plants?

Do you want to ground even more than you already do? Then we have some good news for you! At the moment there are developments going on that you didn’t even know you were waiting for.

Yet this is what you want: shoes made of plants. Is this a future fantasy or reality?


Primus Lite II Bio

The shoes we’re talking about are officially named Primus Lite II Bio. They are 30% made of vegetable products. Disappointed? No, yeah! This is only the beginning. Think about it first.

By choosing the vegetable products, the production process becomes shorter and the production more sustainable. The shoes are currently made from corn, natural rubber and algae. How to make them? It goes like this!

Plant based shoes

You’ve never looked at your houseplants with the idea: ‘I want this at my feet!’. We fully understand that. We also did not know that this is what we want. Shoes made of plants. But it is! We want to feel them, smell them and wear them at our feet for days.

Now you probably have one big question. What is this about? Or maybe even more important, how are these shoes made of plants? We understand that too! We’d be happy to explain it to you.

1. Magic corn fields

The main material of the shoes comes from the cornfield. To give you warm feet, glucose is extracted from these fields. This is also called Susterra® propanediol. The glucose is used in the hard uppers and soles of the shoes. The upper part of the shoes consists of 70% of this glucose. The upper part becomes extra flexible because of the glucose. This makes the shoes good to use as sports shoes and handy for travelling. You can fold the shoes! What corn is not good for. 😉

2. Extra environmentally friendly

In addition to the Susterra® propanediol, natural rubber is used for the shoes. This natural rubber comes from rubber trees from Vietnam. This natural and strong rubber provides extra grip in the soles.

Another ingredient for the soles: algae. Harvesting algae not only ensures clean oceans, but it also restores the oceans. Extra good for the environment! The algae is used for both indoor and outdoor soles.

Keep developing

The goal of Vivo Barefoot? Completely environmentally friendly shoes. At the moment, non-vegetable products are still used. The shoes are certainly not perfect yet, but it is a step in the right direction.

Who knows, we might be able to buy shoes made from houseplants in a few years time. Perfect for every plant lover. And for now: especially good for the environment. That’s also worth something.

Enthusiastic? You can order the shoes via Vivo Barefoot.

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