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When do you use plant nutrition?

How often do you use plant nutrition? Probably less or much more than necessary! Plant nutrition is also a tricky phenomenon. It’s a shame if you use it only once. How about your wallet and the space in the closet that is now occupied?

And maybe even more important: your houseplants? They are waiting for extra nutrition. All the way in the summer! Not only does a lot of new leaves grow, but your plant also has to work harder because of the warm weather. That’s why we would like to introduce you to Grondleggers. What are they? We’ll explain it to you with love!

How does a Grondlegger of Soil Sisters work?

Well we’ll explain that to you with all our love! It is very simple:

  1. There are two types of Grondleggers. With a flowerpot with pot size 15 one small variety is enough. A pot size larger than 15? Then choose the large one. With a pot size larger than 30 it is best to use two large Grondleggers.
  2. With your fingers, carefully make a hole (about 5 cm deep) in the soil.
  3. Put the Grondlegger(s) in here.
  4. Cover the Grondlegger(s) with the loose soil.
  5. Water your houseplant!

It couldn’t be easier, could it? We succumbed to those little tablets.

A little extra nutrition?

How do you know exactly how much water your houseplant needs? And how often? You can read an instruction manual, but of course there are no individual cases. Every plant is different. Overprotection can lead to a surplus of water and root rot. This also happened to Mecheline from Soil Sisters.

Can happen! We too have cared for a plant so much that it collapsed underneath. But then you don’t know Mecheline’s sister, Marie-Fleur, yet! Marie-Fleur has a secret, which turns the pathetic heaps of plants into strong super plants.

Soil Sisters

The secret? A small, round tablet full of natural nutrients. In other words, a Grondlegger. Plant nutrition in its purest form. And available from the sisters Mecheline and Marie-Fleur who also listen to Soil Sisters.

What's in the Grondleggers of the Soil Sisters?

1. Organic mest

It’s a lot of fun, but how does a Grondlegger like that work? That depends on his ingredients of course! A Grondlegger consists of three basic ingredients. And that trio, that’s worth a lot! The three of them mainly improve the potting soil, which in turn provides all the other benefits. The roots of your houseplant are better able to absorb the fertilizers, so your plant grows evenly again and stays healthy.

2. Slow acting nitrogen

For your plants, nitrogen is an essential element for the production of proteins and a strong DNA. The elements promote growth and photosynthesis. A lack of nitrogen causes unfortunate plants. The same goes for excessive use of nitrogen. In the Founders, therefore, a slow-acting nitrogen has been added. This way your plant doesn’t get too much and certainly not too little nitrogen.

3. Natural hummic acids

Thanks to the hummus acids in the Grondleggers, some substances, such as Calcium and Magnesium, are offered to each other. This produces a lot of nutrients for the soil. Nutrition that converts your houseplant into maximum growth. Something we all want!

4. Favorable soil bacteria

If you think of the word bacteria, this is often not a good thing. Yet it is not always true! In nature no less than 95% of all plants live among the bacteria. Absolutely right! These bacteria are useful soil fungi that increase the root range. And we grant your houseplants that too!

“Just 5 minutes of work for you, and a year of fun for your plant!”

Our experiences

Of course we also tried the Grondleggers of Soil Sisters. Sharing information without our own knowledge is not something we are very much in favor of! Let’s start at the beginning. We bought the Founder Minis. Because we wanted to make sure that even the smaller version does its job.

In our house there is a Draceana that has only survived the winter in a hurry. Lots of brown leaves, bald spots and some new pieces of green. But most of all a pathetic heap. We thought this was the best plant to test with. Besides such an unfortunate plant we chose our Strelitzia. Unlike the Draceana a very happy plant with some new rolled up leaves.

Coincidence or not?

When planting the Grondleggers, our Strelitiza already had rolled leaves for weeks. That leaf opened just like that a week after planting. Pure coincidence, or not? We’ll leave this to you.

After 1,5 week our heap of Draceana started to show a difference. New shoots! The shoots were still small and rolled up, but the new shoots were there. A change that hadn’t happened for months. Especially not in this quantity. Grondleggers, was it you?

A month of usage

After one month of testing we are more than satisfied. New shoots, nice leaves and also large leaves. After the visible results we as plant lovers are also more than satisfied. It is no longer necessary to buy new plant nutrition once in a while, and the monthly extra nutrition is no longer needed. That saves us time and money!


If we had to give the Soil Sisters and their Grondleggers a rating this would definitely be a 10/10. A very good price-quality ratio.

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