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Instaproof: this is how to photograph plants


How to make an Instaproof plant photo?

Would you like to not only be the star on your Instagram account, but also put your houseplants in the spotlight? The following tips will make your account one whole. What’s the best? Your photos will be anything but boring.

How your green friend is going to help up your Instagram? You’re going to take influencer-worthy photos without putting too much effort into it. How are you going to do that? Put the following tips in your head when taking new photos.

The nicest plants to photograph

  • Calathea
  • Cacti and Euhporbia’s
  • Ficus
  • Monstera
  • Strelitzia

Professional plant photography in 4 steps

1. All about perspective

If you go to your account and take a good look at all your photos you will get a good picture of your favorite perspective. Do you only take photos at your own height? Then you’re not the only one! Still, it is interesting to use a different perspective. Get down on your knees for a picture, or look it up. Or how about a close-up? Provide as much variety as possible.

2. Different leaf types

When photographing plants, it is nice to vary the type of plant. But even more fun is to put several leaf species next to each other. Think of a succulent plant in combination with an ornamental Monstera or a sturdy Dracaena. The right contrast makes your photo extra special.

3. Filters and settings

Do you like to use a filter? Then be consistent! Keep in mind that not every filter fits every photo. A good tip is not to let the filter cover 100%. Go for 50%, or play with contrast and brightness. As long as you keep about the same settings, your feed will become one whole.

4. Lookbook

Have you saved the tips in your head? Then make a concrete plan! What do you want to take pictures of now? And what should be on your photos? Take a look in our lookbook! It’s full of inspiration for all your new photos.

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