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Create your own mini greenhouse


What is a greenhouse?

As a true plant lover you probably know the different ways to cut all your houseplants. At least, that’s what you think!

Sticks in water, or in soil. Of course we know (almost) all of these ways. But are you also familiar with cuttings in a mini greenhouse?


  • Houseplant
  • Knife or scissors
  • Lockable sandwich bag
  • Moss (or possibly soil)
  • Plant sprayer with water

Suitable houseplants

Not all your cuttings will survive the greenhouse method. It’s best to choose indoor plants that like humidity. Think for example of a fern, or choose another bathroom plant. Bathroom plants can withstand high humidity, and also enjoy a daily spray.

And now?

Get to work! Or are you disappointed by all the necessities? In any case we are not! It’s that easy in nature. A little moss, and moisture. The only thing you need besides that is a cutting you want to take. Oh, and a plant sprayer or water pollinator of course. You can read why you need that below!

Create a greenhouse in 4 steps

Step 1: Clean roots

First of all, put an old towel on the floor near a tap, or on the sink.

You propagate a palm by separating the different shoots from each other. Remove the mother plant from its pot and then put the roots of the plant on the old towel. This keeps any damage to a minimum.

Step 2: Rinse the lump

The most important thing is not to tear or cut the roots of the shoots.

It is best to rinse the root ball under a running tap. Of course don’t turn on the tap full.

If all goes well the roots will come loose because of the running water. If possible, take the entangled roots apart.

Step 3: Hoard it!

As soon as you have taken the roots apart and gone from one houseplant to two or more, you can repot. Make sure that the roots are very sensitive after rinsing and disassembling.

Step 4: Taking care of the cuttings

Have you repotted the cuttings? Then it is important to find a light spot for them. It is also necessary to give them more water than normal. With water you stimulate the roots to attach themselves to the soil.

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