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Grow your own avocado plant from seed

We all know an avocado, but did you also know that you can easily grow your own avocado plant? We are happy to explain it to you!

Which plants are poisonous to cats?

Houseplants are great fun, but so is your cat! The problem? Houseplants are very poisonous for your pet. What is the best thing to do?

Essential trends for spring

In our own lookbook we cover trends, tips and looks for the new season. This spring edition with a.o. Jelina Detmar!

Why do my houseplants always die?

Do the leaves of the plants in your house turn yellow? Or do they even get brown leaves? Pay attention! It’s up to you to make sure your house is green again.

How to make a basil plant shine again

Keeping a basil plant alive is often harder than you think! Why is that? Keeping a basil plant alive is more important than you hope.

Help! My houseplant has yellow dying leaves

Has your houseplant developed a lot of yellow leaves lately? With our step-by-step plan we would like to help you get rid of these yellow leaves. Success guaranteed!

Taking care of your Christmas tree is easy!

It’s December again: time for a Christmas tree! How do you take care of this brand new eyecatcher and what should you do or not do? Help is on the way!

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