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Using grow light for plants

A grow light works as a prevention and as a solution for plants that get too little light. How about that?

Tips for repotting indoor plants

Repotting houseplants has many advantages. But how do you do it the easiest way? We give you tips!

Recognize root rot and dissolve immediately

Oops! You and your watering can have been a little too enthusiastic about watering your houseplant, and now your plant has rotting roots. How do you fix this?

Watering indoor plants

How much water does a plant really need? And what does a constantly slightly moist soil mean? We will explain it to you!

Houseplants that can withstand the cold

Is it very cold in the house? Luckily there are plants that can withstand the cold. We have listed our 8 favorites cold-resistant plants.

These houseplants can also be placed outside

Would you like to brighten up your garden? This can easily be done with indoor plants. We made a list of indoor plants that can also be planted outdoors.

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